Foreign English Teacher

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Location: Middle East
Term: 2 years / Renewable
Finances: Some Remuneration Provided

The Cause:Reach the heart of the students through teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). You will have opportunity to teach classes for a wide range of ages, status and positions within society.  English curriculum will assist locals to increase their competency level and succeed in their workplace and/or business endeavours. The team is instrumental in building relationships and influencing business managers and owners throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The Task: Do you speak English? Can you teach? Our business requires ESL teachers for their English program. The ESL program is one of many programs offered at the school.  You will create and deliver English language based programs and lessons. While teaching, there is opportunity to exhibit a high standard of character and professionalism as well as build relationship and share your faith with those who have not yet heard the message.

The time commitment to the program is for two years with opportunity for an extension.

TESOL certificate and/or a Bachelor of Education degree is an asset. You must be a native English speaker, organized and able to develop and deliver an English curriculum.


  • You are responsible to find their own accommodations, however suggestions and advice will be given.
  • We have a local Team in this location. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly for fellowship, support, counsel and encouragement.
  • Leadership is available to meet regularly and mentor you in cross-cultural components of the position.
  • Salary will compensate for most of your on-the-ground expenses.
  • Vacation time will be given.
  • Opportunity to learn local language.
  • Provide means for a local visa.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional team events.