Migrant Worker English Teacher

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Location: Asia
Term: One year contract (renewable)
Finances: Fundraising required (approximately $3000.00/month required based upon needs of the applicant)

The Cause : To reach and support the migrant community and urban schools by providing educational and life skills support in addition to the opportunity to disciple and care for the migrant children and their families.

The Task: This position is part of a RAN project in SE Asia. The project (CMI) desires to see urban poor migrant communities have the opportunity to receive the love of Christ. CMI desires to place English Teachers in urban poor migrant schools for the purpose of being salt and light to the communities they are in. These teachers will teach English in the community while looking for relational opportunities to get to know the teachers, students and their families. This will help CMI further know and understand the needs in migrant communities and further grow CMI’s relationship with urban poor migrant schools.


  • Assistance to find housing and/or share housing.
  • Local leadership to mentor and disciple you in cross-cultural ministry
  • Assistance in meeting visa requirements and providing counsel and support
  • Opportunity to learn a local language and experience culture
  • Vacation
  • Opportunity to connect with faith communities within the restricted context.
  • Opportunity to join a regional retreat to connect with other workers in the area.