Textile Factory Manager

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Location: Middle East
Term: Two year contract (renewable)
Finances: $1500/month Remuneration Provided

The Cause: Providing leadership and reflecting Christ in how you manage and train the factory workers as well as how you walk with integrity in dealings with the clients. There will be an opportunity to influence culture and represent the message through your day to day interactions with the locals inside the factory and the community.

The Task: Interested in operations? Having influence and forming leaders of the future? You will be responsible to oversee the day to day running of the factory including dealing with clients, new client acquisition, production oversight and quality management. You would have the opportunity to submit bids for jobs and take responsibility for deadlines in production and shipment. In addition, you can develop and train the local staff as well as building the ethos of the factory environment.


  • You are responsible to find your own accommodations, but suggestions and advice will be given by staff.
  • We have a local Team in this location. You will have the opportunity to meet weekly for fellowship, support, counsel and encouragement.
  • Leadership is available to meet regularly and mentor you in cross-cultural components of the position.
  • Vacation time will be given.
  • Opportunity to learn local language.
  • Provide means for a local visa.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional team events.