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Location: Tajikistan

Purpose: This company began by experimenting with small loans for business development 20 years ago and has turned into a profitable and growing micro-credit company with over 85 staff in 8 branches. It exists to address 3 major issues; economic poverty, social and family disintegration triggered by emigration, and spiritual poverty in the country. Loans help farmers and businesspeople expand to create local employment.

Skills: To continue its present growth trajectory, the company is seeking a qualified finance manager with experience in accounting, financial management, audit or banking, as well as international financial reporting standards, to advise and lead a team of local accountants, oversee cash management and build relationships with local banks and investors to raise new capital. A commitment to learning the local language and a 2-year minimum term is expected. A local salary plus benefits is offered. Some support raising will be required.

Support: Our International team will walk with you along the way – from application to deployment. Training, administrative support and mission coaching will be provided, along with assistance for promotional and fundraising efforts.