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Location: Asia (SE Asia)
Term: 1-2 year contract (renewable)
Position: Tech Diector – IT Outsourcing Company
Finances: Standard budgeting for the region would be analyzed and discussed at time of inquiry and projected deployment.

The Cause: The purpose of this position is to provide an opportunity to have a witness within a restricted context and have a visa that provides sustainability within the country.

The Task: Your role would include establishing a technical vision for the development team and work with the developers to turn it into reality. This position will provide opportunity to engage locals relationally and have an active role in discipling staff and interns within the IT outsourcing company.

Support: This placement will include an on-the-ground team.

  • Leadership is available to meet regularly and mentor you in cross-cultural components of the position.
  • Vacation time will be given.
  • Opportunity to learn local language.
  • Provide means for a local visa.
  • Opportunity to participate in regional team event.

For a full job description and qualifications, please request more information.