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Who We Are

The RAN Network exists to glorify God by mobilizing, preparing and deploying effective disciple makers to serve among the peoples of the world that are known to be UnReached and even UnEngaged with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There still remains close to 7000 People Groups in our world with less than 2% Evangelical Christian. Almost 3000 of these groups have no known Christian witness seeking to make disciples. They live in the deepest and darkest condition of lostness.

Along with many other agencies, RAN is a global participant providing access to places where the church of Jesus does not yet exist. RAN’s purpose is to make Spirit-filled disciples and plant multiplying fellowships of indigenous believers, particularly where a non-missionary identity and pioneer approaches/creative strategies are required.

As the RAN Network we desire to build meaningful ministry partnerships with churches, Christian businesses, daring mavericks, entrepreneurs and other individual disciples of Christ who desire to actively participate in bringing transformational change to the peoples of our world with the least opportunity to hear of Christ. We invite you to embrace the opportunity to partner with us in God’s business of transformation among the UnReached.

Making Christ-followers where the message is restricted.

“…to the ends of the earth”
Focusing on the UnReached…
Prioritizing the UnEngaged…
Employing all possible means…
To plant churches where there are none.

Purpose – Field – Focus – Priority

RAN’s purpose is to make Spirit-filled disciples and plant multiplying fellowships of  indigenous believers, particularly where a non-missionary identity and pioneer approaches/creative strategies are required.

RAN’s Field: Restricted Access Nations – The political reality is that many nations in the world restrict access to the gospel for the people within its borders.

RAN’s Focus: UnReached People Groups – The mission remaining: there are 6,900 unreached people groups in our world. These groups lack enough followers of Christ and resources to evangelize their own people (defined as less than 2% Evangelical or 5% Christian).

RAN’s Priority: UnEngaged People Groups – People groups which are understood not only to be “lost” and “unreached” but there is no incarnational gospel witness of any sort among them. Unengaged groups do not have a single church planting effort in the local language.



Peoples living in the nations of North Africa, Middle East, The Arab Gulf, Central and South-East Asia.


Peoples living in the nations of Asia.

Ministry Types

A chance to get ahead in life … and a chance to change some lives forever. Click here to find out how you can join others in changing people’s lives in some crazy part of the world! Let RAN help you launch your world-changing ideas.

Education – In nations where ‘Creative Access’ is required for Christian ministry to occur, teachers are respected individuals. They have opportunity to train the most promising minds in society and influence students as well as families to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. RAN can open doors for teaching where your life can make a brilliant difference. Click here for current opportunities.

Humanitarian Aid – Orphans, widows, the sick, and the marginalized comprise high percentages among societies in ‘least-reached’ nations. Endless opportunities exist for you to serve the forgotten, and change their world. RAN can help you focus your life and use your compassion to see the peace of Christ empower lives through mercy. Click here for current opportunties.

Technology & Business – Entrepreneurial skills are highly prized in places where poverty and lack of education dominate daily life. Developing a business that employs neighbors and builds relationships will bring transformation to whole communities within ‘Creative Access’ nations. RAN can help you hone your skills, and accomplish your God-given dreams. Click here for current opportunities.

Development & Influence – Most ‘least-reached’ peoples are communal in their cultures, yet divided by standing and station in life. Most are dependent because of their poverty. Many have wealth and influence but lack compassion. Are you called to lift up the poor? Are you called to influence the mighty? RAN can help you carve out a place from which to change societies. Click here for current opportunities.

Building Spiritual Life – If you change a life, you can change a family! Change a family and you change a community! Change a community and you change a nation! You can make disciples, train leaders and empower communities of faith through relationship and mentoring. RAN can connect your passion with that of others to see disciples of Jesus grow into families of believers in places where Christ’s name has never been known. Click here for current opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I adjust to life overseas?

A. The living conditions and the culture in many countries are quite different from Canada. All RAN personnel are enabled by effective orientation and training prior to entering a particular country. We will coach you to thrive as a Jesus follower and stay on task to be an effective witness.

Q. Do I need to learn the national language to work in another country?

A. Language acquisition is almost always an important and necessary part of the Global Worker’s toolbox. While some opportunities (such as English Teaching) require less second-language fluency in job function, the national language will be essential for effective relationships in daily life. Part of RAN Training is directed towards assisting you to succeed in learning the language used by the people you live amongst.

Q. Will I be able to study the national language while overseas?

A. It is always possible to hire tutors or engage formal language study as you begin your service overseas. Language acquisition is the first and foremost responsibility of all Global Workers.

Q. If I am accepted, will I be placed in a location with other RAN personnel?

A. RAN is primarily striving to help you follow the call God may have placed on your heart to the place He has called you.  While we cannot guarantee there will be other RAN personnel in the same city you may feel called to, we will do everything we can to ensure you are connected to like-minded servants of Christ.

Q. Is housing provided?

A. This depends on the opportunity available.  In some cases, housing is provided as part of a contract opportunity.  In other cases, housing is always available to be rented.  Furnishings may come with housing if it is provided under contract.  Otherwise, the Global Worker will need to shop for and purchase household items.

Q. Will I have easy access to medical assistance if needed?

A. Standards of medical care are not the same the world over.  In most cases, very adequate medical facilities will be close by.  Every RAN Global Worker must have medical insurance and this is acquired as part of the application & deployment process.

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