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We are excited to connect you with an interactive opportunity to discover how your talents align with God’s Mission.

‘ENGAGE’ is a phased set of five events/steps to help you dig deeper into the calling that God may have on your life, especially those interested in bringing their faith to the marketplace.

Engage ‘MEET’ is the first phase, a progressive process to learn how God can use your skills and passions, your education and profession. This 3 hour event unpacks the concept of Business for Transformation (B4T). Global workers share their journey from campus life to overseas profession and Christian life.

Participants embark on a unique Case Study Challenge, working creatively as teams to problem-solve together.

We would love to bring this interactive event to your group of young adults.

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Kingdom Business

Looking for significance with Success?

Use‘ your business expertise for Kingdom impact.

Connect‘ with kingdom business practitioners globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will I adjust to life overseas?

A. The living conditions and the culture in many countries are quite different from Canada. All RAN personnel are enabled by effective orientation and training prior to entering a particular country. We will coach you to thrive as a Jesus follower and stay on task to be an effective witness.

Q. Do I need to learn the national language to work in another country?

A. Language acquisition is almost always an important and necessary part of the Global Worker’s toolbox. While some opportunities (such as English Teaching) require less second-language fluency in job function, the national language will be essential for effective relationships in daily life. Part of RAN Training is directed towards assisting you to succeed in learning the language used by the people you live amongst.

Q. Will I be able to study the national language while overseas?

A. It is always possible to hire tutors or engage formal language study as you begin your service overseas. Language acquisition is the first and foremost responsibility of all Global Workers.

Q. If I am accepted, will I be placed in a location with other RAN personnel?

A. RAN is primarily striving to help you follow the call God may have placed on your heart to the place He has called you.  While we cannot guarantee there will be other RAN personnel in the same city you may feel called to, we will do everything we can to ensure you are connected to like-minded servants of Christ.

Q. Is housing provided?

A. This depends on the opportunity available.  In some cases, housing is provided as part of a contract opportunity.  In other cases, housing is always available to be rented.  Furnishings may come with housing if it is provided under contract.  Otherwise, the Global Worker will need to shop for and purchase household items.

Q. Will I have easy access to medical assistance if needed?

A. Standards of medical care are not the same the world over.  In most cases, very adequate medical facilities will be close by.  Every RAN Global Worker must have medical insurance and this is acquired as part of the application & deployment process.