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UPG Prayer League

  • We Invite You To: Join the UPG Prayer League – Form a Team in your church committed to gather and pray monthly for UnReached Peoples as well as Global Workers serving among them.
  • We currently have 30 UPG Prayer Teams across the country! Please contact us to start your Team.
  • RAN Will: Provide you a monthly packet of prayer requests from Global Workers and resources relating to UnReached Peoples.

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The UnEngaged Peoples Bulletin

  • We Encourage You To: Receive the UnEngaged Peoples Bulletin 
    • Include the Bulletin with your Church’s Sunday Handouts
    • Include this in Church Prayer Life
    • Link your Church Website to the Bulletin
  • RAN Will: Provide a monthly Bulletin to your Church/group on an UnEngaged People Group to facilitate prayer and learning.
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Luke 10:2 Imperative

  • We Challenge You To: Live the Luke 10:2 Imperative – Daily set your watch or phone alarm, and take one minute at 10:02 (am or pm) to pray:  Lord, Send Laborers.
  • RAN Will: If requested, RAN will provide a daily push text with a prayer focus.
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Global Prayer

  • We Ask You To: Engage Global Prayer – Fast one meal each Friday to pray for the needs of Global Workers worldwide.

UnReached People Of The Day

“Brothers… …Pray For Us” – 1 Thess 5:25

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Luke 10:2 Imperative Sign Up

  • This initiative is sent by text message, therefore a mobile phone number is required.