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3000 People Groups in the world are still completely ‘UnEngaged’ with the gospel. No one knows of anyone working to make disciples among them. Your church could launch the gospel among one of these people groups…Here’s How:

We Want to Partner with You

RAN offers Strategic Coaching for local churches to design, launch and carry out disciple-making endeavors among UnEngaged Peoples in God’s world.

We can help your assembly engage the future of missions.

An Experienced Partner

Experienced personnel in RAN Network are uniquely positioned to help your local church lead the way in taking the gospel to ‘Least-Reached’ and ‘UnEngaged’ Peoples globally.


A passion for the UnEngaged Peoples of the world.

You Research – We Coach


A People Group of your choosing.

You Select – We Resource You


A Church Planting endeavour to bring Christ to your adopted People Group.

You Send – We Network You

Nothing can obscure the fact that this could, and should be the final era. No serious believer today dare overlook the fact that God has not asked us to reach every nation, tribe and tongue without intending it to be done. No generation has less excuse than ours if we do not do as He asks.

Ralph D. Winter

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We empower dedicated believers to
serve among the Least-Reached

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