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If you already donate to RAN and need to update your credit card information, an expiry date, or any contact information, please contact us at or 1-888-462-7726 directly.  Please DO NOT enter a new donation to update any of these fields, as your donations may then be duplicated.

If a designated project is fully subscribed, RAN reserves the right to redirect surplus funds to another project that is under-subscribed.

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If you are in the United States, donations to RAN Network can be made using the donate page on the RPEC International website and either selecting ‘Random Access Networks’, or a previously provided project code, from the drop down list. Designations can also be directed for donations made on RPEC by writing us at

RPEC International

RAN Projects


By contributing to this fund, you assist RAN in effectively resourcing the Global Activities of all our Members.

COVID-19 Relief


By contributing to this fund, you expand the influence of our Global Workers by allowing them to fund local relief projects.

Global Workers


Thank you for partnering with one or more of RAN’s amazing Global Personnel.

Where Most Needed (by Region)

By contributing to this fund, you provide resources needed to develop legal, creative ministry platforms.